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The Lesser-Known Benefits of Live-In Care

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  • 27-03-2024
The Lesser-Known Benefits of Live-In Care

We explore the lesser-known benefits of live-in care. Discover how live-in care goes beyond basic care needs to support emotional well-being, social interaction, and a sense of community.

Live-in care is extremely flexible

In many cases, the traditional model of care may not always suit the individual's unique circumstances. That's where the value of live-in care shines. One of the lesser-known benefits of live-in care is its extraordinary flexibility. It moulds to fit the person, rather than having the person adjust their lifestyle to match a rigid care schedule.

Live-in care can adapt to accommodate all kinds of different needs and routines. Perhaps mum is a late riser who loves a late breakfast or dad ardently follows a favourite television show every evening; these personal preferences can be easily woven into the care plan. Subsequently, people can maintain their usual daily routines, interests and hobbies, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.

The carer will also be close at hand day and night. The peace of mind that comes with the constant presence of a professional live-in carer should never be undervalued. If the person needs assistance in the middle of the night or early morning, the carer can quickly provide the required support. Live-in care, hence, fosters an environment where people can live on their terms while receiving the assistance they need.

Live-In care is cost-effective

An aspect of live-in care that should not be overlooked is its impressive cost-effectiveness. Contrary to common assumptions, live-in care can often be a more budget-friendly option compared to care homes. A live-in carer offers an array of benefits, from convenience to continuity of care, and it's worth noting how financially viable such an arrangement can be.

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Live-In Care | London Live In Care

Keep your home

The beauty of live-in care lies in the fact that the individual can continue to live in their own home. In many cases, people have spent decades pouring their heart into building their homes, and leaving it behind can be emotionally draining. With live-in care, this is completely unnecessary. 

Moreover, monetary burdens affiliated with property selling, relocating and adapting to a new setting can be avoided altogether. The fees applied are only for the support provided, making it a cost-efficient alternative.

Potential council benefits

One of the fiscal advantages tied to live-in care is associated with council benefits. If an individual’s health condition requires care, they could qualify for specific allowances or benefits provided by the council. This financial aid can be a genuine help in managing the expenses related to care services, lessening the financial load significantly.

Save on travel costs - Benefits of Live-In Care

Save on travel costs

When considering live-in care, travel costs must also be factored into the equation. With a carer residing in the house, family members can cut back on the usual expenditures entailing travelling to and from care homes to visit their loved ones. 

The savings accrued from eliminating these travel expenses can be substantial, especially in cases where the commute involves covering great distances. This further highlights the economically sound nature of live-in care.

Live-In care is personalised

Live-in care is a highly recommended method of offering bespoke, personalised care that completely revolves around the unique needs and lifestyle choices of the individual. This style of care has been designed to specifically cater to the personal routines and comforts of the one receiving the care — a level of customisation that is oftentimes overlooked but is truly one of the key benefits of opting for live-in care.

Understanding that each person is indeed different, with unique care requirements, is fundamental to the concept of live-in care. Be it recovery post-operation, daily living with conditions such as dementia, or the management of a complex health condition, the dedicated focus of a live-in carer is solely on meeting your diverse care needs. The carers are trained to adapt rapidly and proficiently, ensuring that your specific health requirements and social needs are appropriately addressed.

In addition, the one-on-one attention that a live-in carer can offer frequently leads to enhanced health outcomes for those under their care. This undivided attention from a dedicated carer can make a significant difference in health management, particularly in comparison to other care options where personal attention may not be as forthcoming.

Furthermore, live-in care also allows families to play an active role in planning their loved one's care, a privilege that may not always be available with other options like nursing homes. Consequently, live-in care presents a personalised and tailored solution that is conducive not only to improved health outcomes but fuller, more satisfied lifestyles too.

Emotional Companionship

Live-in care offers so much more than just physical assistance; it also provides emotional companionship. This is crucial for many people, particularly those who feel lonely or isolated due to their health condition or advancing age. Having a live-in carer means that there is always someone around, someone to chat to, share a cup of tea with, or even just watch a favourite television programme together.

This human connection can greatly improve an individual's mental well-being. The beauty of live-in care is that it offers personalised care. The caregiver gets to know the individual on a personal level, understanding their likes, dislikes, routines, and preferences. This relationship helps to foster a unique bond of friendship between the caregiver and the care receiver, further boosting emotional wellness. Moreover, the presence of a live-in carer can offer immense comfort and reassurance.

Knowing that help and support are readily available whenever needed can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Having someone to share the ups and downs of each day with can evoke a sense of safety and security, enhancing the individual's quality of life. Finally, with live-in care, the emotional companionship extends beyond the direct interaction between the caregiver and the care receiver.

Live-in care services ensure family members have peace of mind, knowing their loved one is not only well cared for but also has someone to provide emotional support, thereby reducing feelings of guilt or worry often associated with being unable to provide constant care themselves.

Emotional Companionship - Benefits of Live-In Care
Patients can keep their pets - Benefits of Live-In Care

Patients can keep their pets

For countless individuals who cherish their fluffy, feathery or scaly friends, the idea of moving into a care facility without pets is unthinkable. Thanks to live-in care, it doesn't have to be this way. From dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, live-in care paves the way for individuals to retain the company of their adored animal companions.

Providing the solution to an oft-agonising quandary, live-in care services ensure no heart-wrenching decisions need to be made concerning one's treasured pets. Having their beloved pets nearby has been shown to enhance the quality of life for many individuals, especially those dealing with chronic conditions or dementia. These precious creature companions offer an array of benefits. From offering silent support to bringing sheer joy, pets cultivate a brighter environment for those in their loving company.

Maintaining a regularly active lifestyle is essential in preserving overall health, and, interestingly, it's observed that pets play a significant role in this aspect for the elderly. The presence of pets, according to various studies, seems to inspire and encourage seniors to stay on the move. It's the routines like walking the dog, playing with the cat or even just feeding the fish that necessitate consistent movement.

Regardless of the type of pet or the specific tasks related to their care, they require their owners to maintain a certain level of activity day in, and day out.

This habitual movement isn't just beneficial for physical health, but it also aids in stimulating mental well-being, contributing further in enhancing overall health. This consistent interaction with pets makes looking after them a productive endeavour for elderly individuals, enabling them to stay engaged, active, and healthy.

Live-in care isn't only beneficial to the individuals receiving the care; it's also advantageous for the pets. The prospect of having to part from their owners could prove stressful and distressing for the animals. Through pet-friendly live-in care services, the bond between owners and their pets remains unbroken, supplying immense comfort to both parties.

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