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Live-in Care London

Care is always best received where you feel most comfortable. At Companions Home Care we fully understand this and aim to provide the greatest quality of care possible while ensuring that you can remain in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. We provide live-in care in London and surrounding areas of the southeast United Kingdom. 

We care for clients throughout the London area and pride ourselves on our professionalism and personally tailored service. With years of live-in care experience and training, our team of qualified carers will gain a unique understanding of your loved one's specific requirements through individual assessment to provide the best possible service.

As a bespoke service, our live-in carers in London will create a care regiment that suits our client's individual lives. As the live-in care progresses, we will carry out regular appraisals to ensure that the care being provided is still relevant. This personally tailored care system is fully adaptable and aims to supply our clients with the specific care they need. 

These services range from simple tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and generally helping around the house, to more personal care services, such as assisting with ablutions.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Our live-in care London service aims to assist in this endeavour, providing our clients with as much or as little assistance as they require. In this way, our service will not stifle our client's everyday tasks while at the same time lending a caring hand where needed. 

If you would like to discuss our live-in care in London services or have any further queries about our assistances, please do not hesitate to get in touch and call us today. Our specialist team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Who can Benefit from Live-In Care?

When considering an around-the-clock care service, the first thing that generally comes to mind is residential care. But this is not your only option and could not even be the best option when considering your or your loved one's needs. Permanent, live-in care can often be of greater benefit in several situations and to several different clients. 

For those with memory issues, such as those who have dementia, remaining in the familiar surroundings of their homes can be a comforting and helpful experience. Rather than the shocking and confusing change that moving into a care home might bring, remaining at home while receiving care can be a more gentle and considered approach. 

If you would like to take a more involved role in your loved one's care, then permanent live-in care is the perfect solution. By having your loved ones remain in their home, you will oversee the care they are receiving more closely. Forming a close, professional relationship with one of our specialist carers will help you to rest easy, knowing that your loved one is receiving the best quality of care possible.

Our live-in service is also a perfect fit for those who wish to maintain their independence while receiving personal care. Remaining at home provides our clients the greatest level of individual freedom, allowing them to see friends and family while being cared for with dignity. Staying at home with pets is also a brilliant method of ensuring a comfortable and relaxing service. The familiarity of home helps to ensure that the care received is as stress-free as possible. 

Employing a live-in carer also provides our clients who require constant care the greatest level of service. Live-in care is the perfect option for you or your loved one if you need 24/7 assistance. Our highly-trained carers are capable of providing the most excellent level of private full-time care for our clients. Full-time, live-in care ensures our clients the greatest level of one-to-one assistance possible. Ultimately, we aim to make sure that all of our client's care needs are met, and our professional team are more than capable of providing around-the-clock care for those who need it.  

At Companions Home Care, we also aim to provide a value for money service that ensures you or your loved one is cared for with the utmost quality and dignity. Our bespoke and personally tailored live-in care services allow our clients to live meaningful lives, complete with a caring, helping hand. Whatever the needs of our clients, our array of specialist carers are on hand to deliver their expertise. 

What is Included in our Live-In Care Service?

At Companions Home Care, live-in services provided by us offer a wide range of assistance to those who require long-term care 24/7. 

Our qualified carers can help you or your loved one with various tasks, including:

  Cleaning, household chores, gardening and everyday tasks

  Dressing, laundry and ironing

  Preparing meals, cooking and washing dishes

  Grocery shopping and running errands

  Managing medication routines and organising prescriptions

  Assistance with ablutions and toilet routines

  Aiding with mobility at home

  Support in outdoor activities and hobbies

  Emotional support, company and companionship

  Help with caring for pets, including feeding and walking

You can see how a live-in carer can genuinely help you or your loved one to live a meaningful life, regardless of whatever limitations you or they may have. A live-in carer can undertake any of the complex care duties our clients cannot do themselves, helping them carry on their lives as usual. It is also necessary to provide emotional support and companionship to our clients, who could feel a significant change in mood when their mobility is impaired. 

Our team of specialist live-in carers in London also have the training necessary to perform clinical tasks to aid our clients' conditions. Our care team will provide a professional and compassionate service to all our clients, from insulin injections to continence care. No matter the complexity or scale of care required, our bespoke and personally tailored service is fully customisable while remaining entirely flexible. Whatever needs our clients may have of us, we are here to help.

Live-In Care vs Other Types of Home Care

Given that there are several types of home care available to our clients, it can be challenging to know which will be most appropriate. To add to the difficulty, the decision to employ a carer to assist a loved one often comes after a significant change in circumstances. Diagnoses or injuries are a traumatic time for anyone, and deciding which care plan to choose from can be a difficult time. 

It could feel quite overwhelming having to make such an important decision. After diagnoses or injuries, you may have one or more health professionals suggesting forms of care for you to consider. Suggestions such as these will be beneficial in allowing you to narrow down your options. 

However, it would be best if you did not jump at what these health professionals may put in front of you. It is always best to appraise your loved one's personal and individual needs. What could be of benefit to one person may be inappropriate for another. 

Some professionals may suggest that your loved one be placed into a care home to be looked after, while others could propose short-term hourly care. Even though a medical authority may present these recommendations, it is always best to consider your personal needs. 

It can sometimes be tempting to undertake the care jobs for a loved one yourself. Sharing this responsibility with your family will undoubtedly save you money, but you risk compromising a professional care service. 

The primary advantage of employing a live-in carer is that it allows your loved one to remain in their home whilst receiving professional care. This allows your loved ones to maintain their independence, continuing with the things they love to do whilst having a compassionate helping hand. 

The primary advantage of employing a live-in carer is that it allows your loved one to remain in their home whilst receiving professional care. This allows your loved ones to maintain their independence, continuing with the things they love to do whilst having a compassionate helping hand. 

Additionally, through the comprehensive and customisable services that we offer, all of the care your loved one receives will be personally adapted to their needs. This way, you can be sure that they receive the necessary care to make their life truly meaningful. The bespoke nature of our live-in care agency also means that we can arrange services to meet any budget. 

Live-in care also provides 24-hours support seven days a week, meaning that whatever your loved one wishes to do whilst undergoing care can be managed and overseen by our healthcare professionals. This form of care is particularly popular with those who need to nurse elderly relatives who require assistance. Though, while it may seem expensive, live-in care is, in fact, almost identical to what you would pay for residential care.   

If you would like to discuss our live-in services, then please get in touch and phone our team today. Our team at Companions Home Care will be more than happy to answer any questions you could have and provide some friendly advice. 

How to find the right care for your relative

01. Initial

During your initial consultation with us a specialist care consultant will find out all your needs and requirements for your loved one.

02. Carer

We recruit local carers specifically for the role, ensuring that they have the desired experience and skills for your needs.

03. Candidate

Having the choice to conduct your own interviews ensures our candidates will be the perfect match for you.

04.Employment Confirmation

After finding the candidate you love the most, the employment between yourself and the carer/housekeeper will be confirmed.

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