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What are the benefits of being cared for at home?

While many think that unless you can arrange a temporary stay in the hospital, placing your loved one with complex care needs in a private care home is your only option. 

However, this article will explain that now there are far more options open to your family and friends regarding your loved one's care. Flexible home care is a brilliant solution for someone with complex care needs who wishes to remain in their home.


Most people want to be cared for at home

Studies conducted in 2014 found that around 97% of people with complex care needs prefer to receive their care in the comfort of their own homes. 

Reasons for this include: 

  • Remaining near to and in contact with family and friends 
  • Holding on to their independence 
  • Remaining near to clubs or hobbies that they enjoy doing 
  • Being able to stay with their pets  


Familiar surroundings

Particularly for those who have dementia or similar conditions affecting their memory, remaining in the familiar surroundings of their own home can significantly benefit the care they receive. 

This will allow your loved ones to stay near to you, your family and their friends. 

They will also remain with any pets they may have and stay close to any local clubs or hobby locations they may enjoy visiting.


Personalised care

By receiving care at their own home, your loved one will be able to receive a personally tailored service. 

This form of care service can be arranged to fit seamlessly around your loved one's daily routines, providing them with peace of mind knowing that they have support when they need it. 

Ultimately they are free to decide what they do with their time, with their carers taking a backseat and helping when assistance is required. 


Home health care 

In terms of your loved one's health, receiving home care often has greater advantages than being moved into care homes. 

For example, recovery times from stays in the hospital are often much faster when receiving home care. 

Your loved one's recovery is also more flexible, with the option to convalesce in their own time in comfortable conditions. 


More independence

Maintaining independence is not often considered a crucial element of people's care. But your loved one will feel far more comfortable by holding onto their freedom by receiving care at home. 

Your loved one's personally tailored care plan will allow them to do what they want when they want. 

Carers are on hand to lend care and support when needed and ensure that your loved one has the agency to choose what they want to do in their day-to-day life.


Family participation

Another benefit of receiving home care instead of other care options is that you and your family members can take a greater interest. 

As part of the personally tailored care service, you and your family can take a more active role in your loved one's care than if they were placed in a residential nursing home or hospital.


Faster Recovery 

It has been shown in research data that those recovering from stays in hospital or illnesses recover much quicker when receiving care at home. 

Those receiving home care also avoid the risk of exposure to the germs present in medical facilities or hospitals. They also suffer from fewer hospital readmissions when receiving home care.


One-on-one Attention 

Given that home care is the most personalised form of care your loved one can receive, the quality of that care is far greater than in other forms. 

All of the carer's attention will be focused on your loved one's needs through the duration of the care plan. Alongside the personalised nature of the home care itself, this ensures that all of your loved one's individual needs are professionally attended to. 

Any requirements that your loved one might have can also be seen far quicker by an in-home carer than in other forms of care. 



Care providers who offer home care services generally charge by the hour, meaning the services you request are much more flexible. Costs can range on average between £15-£25 per hour, with discounted rates for those requiring long-term, 24-hours a day, live-in care. 

Those who only need temporary or short-term care, such as companionship services, will find that home care is significantly cheaper than residential nursing homes. 

Your loved one could even have insurance cover that will handle most of the costs of receiving care in the comfort of their own home. 



Elderly loved ones can often feel a deep sense of isolation and loneliness, especially if their condition limits them from getting out of the house. 

Therefore, home care services can also provide a friendly companion to relax and have a chat with. 

In addition, having someone to talk to regularly can significantly benefit those with cognitive conditions and help your loved one's general mental well-being. 


Pet Ownership 

Staying in their own home also means that your loved one will be able to remain with any of their beloved pets they may have. 

Owning pets and living with them has been shown to reduce heart disease, combat the effects of loneliness and provide comfort for those with dementia. 

Carers will help their clients look after their pets with things such as walking and feeding.

How to find the right care for your relative

01. Initial

During your initial consultation with us a specialist care consultant will find out all your needs and requirements for your loved one.

02. Carer

We recruit local carers specifically for the role, ensuring that they have the desired experience and skills for your needs.

03. Candidate

Having the choice to conduct your own interviews ensures our candidates will be the perfect match for you.

04.Employment Confirmation

After finding the candidate you love the most, the employment between yourself and the carer/housekeeper will be confirmed.

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